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2015.10.03 19:13
“Tokaj wines, a must for winelovers”
5/4 csillagÉrtékelés időpontja: 2015. augusztus 30.ÚJ
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Tokaj is a charming little town. The wine and wine cellars plus selected restaurants along the river are a must. The white Tokaj wines can be had in dry, semi sweet, sweet and other tastes. I prefer to go for the new premium ones: like the Muntean. Do not expect excellent wines for a few euros a bottle but rather spend from euro 7 or 8 and up for the better ones. You may also try magnum bottles since these often preserve the taste better. Careful with transport: simple semi-sweet wines keep better in the car than the more complex ones. Otherwise find a winehouse in your homecountry that is able to bring in good Tokaj wines. Warning: tasting wines is nice but very difficult for amateurs like I am.. take your time. Buy some bottles of preferred wines and taste them on the spot end of day. Hungary has zero tolerance for alcohol when driving!! Spend a few days in the Tokaj region and walk/cycle around and get a guide..Watch out: the Tokaj region is larger than the area around the town of Tokaj. It is being upgraded in coming years by the government..Visit some local wellness baths such as in Szerencs, relatively cheap and not so overcrowded as Miskolc, although that one is spectacular but go off-season there if you want peace.. and really enjoy the cave baths. Main tip: good wine can be less good in a bad year...2013 was ok, 2014 difficult for many Tokaj wines. Off the beaten track: try a wine tasting with the owner of Muntean in Legyesbenye with explanation. Rent a village home and learn some Hungarian: you will be applauded..Try the local sweets in the bakeries..

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